Smart Technology in Home Security and Safety


During the past decade of so, there have been more rapid developments in safety and security technology than ever before. The merging of both security and smart technology has afforded consumers of nearly any budget the capacity to safeguard their lives, homes, and devices almost seamlessly. The cost of incorporating sensor and communication tech to consumer devices has fallen dramatically which has made smart technology vastly more available and affordable. There are predictions that smart devices will become standard fare by 2022. In fact, security is perhaps the biggest reason consumers have adopted smart technology in their homes.

In light of this, here are six smart security technologies to help keep you and your family secure.


Biometric tech lets you unlock your phone with your body

The conundrum of having a phone passcode is that you’re encouraged to make it complicated to ensure a higher level of security; however, 99% it’s you who has to deal with this complicated passcode to unlock your phone. Fortunately, smartphones now come equipped with biometric technology that has the ability to unlock your phone using your eyes, your face, or your fingerprint. Additionally, phones are hardly the only devices to feature this type of tech anymore. Some home safes and suitcases can now offer the ability to be opened with a fingerprint as well.

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Two-factor authentication that makes your accounts harder to crack

While biometric security precautions are commonly used on their own and do provide a high level of security, this is what’s known as one-factor authentication. Meaning you only need one thing (such as a face, a finger, or an eye) to authenticate an account or device.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra step to the process, making it all the more difficult for anyone but yourself to gain access to your personal information. It typically requires something you have combined with something you know in order to gain access.

connected cameras


Security systems with connected cameras

Keeping an eye on your home while you’re away is now easier and more affordable than ever. Smart security cameras connected, for example, to your phone through the internet let you check whatever areas of your home you want.

Some systems even assign date and time stamps to captured images, which let’s you get that much more specific with your security monitoring. Modern surveillance cameras also allow you to set virtual boundaries that, once breached, will notify you with alert messages.

smart smoke alarm

Smoke alarms and other devices that message you

Even a small flame can turn into a major fire in a matter of seconds. That’s the predominant reason smoke alarms are a crucial safety component within any home. However, an underlying problem is that chances are you won’t be home in the event an alarm does go off and you’ll be oblivious to the fire ravaging your home.

However, modern smoke alarms speak to you in a human voice to inform you of any problems and may even send you a message in the event you’re away. There are even water leak sensors that can alert you before a water leak can cause costly damage. These, too, can send you messages as well.

smart locks

Smart locks for your exterior doors

Leaving an extra key around in case you got locked out used to mean using a hide-a-key rock or maybe giving one to a trusted neighbor. But remember, once you let a key out of your possession, it can be copied. These days, smart locks make it far easier to let family and guests in while also keeping intruders out. Smart locks have the ability to let you give people an individual code and even set your lock to allow certain people in at set times. A smart lock that is connected to a smart home system gives you even more options like being able to set locks to automatically arm the home system when you leave. And if you’re lying in bed at night and realize you forgot to lock a door (any door), locking it is as easy as reaching for your smartphone. smart doorbell

Doorbells that show you who’s at the door

Doorbells have come a long way. Smart doorbells are now equipped with cameras that allow you to see exactly who’s at your door, even when you’re not home. Smart doorbells that have video intercom capabilities let you see and talk to the person at your door. Another reason these doorbells help keep your home safe is due to the fact that burglars often typically ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home. A smart doorbell can easily help you identify and turn away unwanted visitors.

These new security technologies can make life easier by being able to lock down your data and protect your home, giving you the peace of mind you deserve even when (especially when) you’re not there.

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