Keeping Your Home Safe at Night


Whether you’re spending an evening in or heading out for the night, making sure your home is protected will always an important issue.

While a percentage of burglars and thieves may choose to commit their crimes during the day due to the fact that homes are arguably more likely to be empty then, night provides burglars the advantage of decreased visibility and perhaps even fewer people out and about.

Security system sticker

The mere threat of video footage and alarms can oftentimes be enough to deter burglars. Keeping a security system sticker in a visible place might just be enough to convince burglars that this is the wrong house to try and rob. While a just sticker really could be of help, of course it would be nice to back it up with the real thing.

But when thieves see a security system sticker outside your house, chances of your being robbed decrease dramatically, it’s just too much trouble for them to try and go through with it and that’s absolutely what you want.

A loud siren can help

A loud siren triggered either by their movement or opening a window or door immediately alerts a potential burglar that you have a security system. In addition, an alarm can create the assumption that authorities are being alerted, which is likely to scare off an opportunistic burglar. It works much in the same way a car alarm does, loud noises will draw attention to whatever is making it and would-be burglars definitely do not want to be there for that.

Perhaps more importantly, if you’re at home and someone breaks in, a loud siren will wake you and alert you so you can manage the situation and avoid risk to yourself.

Lock your doors

Even when you’re at home, locking your doors is a simple and effective way that is easily overlooked that helps prevent opportunistic burglars. Before heading to bed, simply do a check of all the doors and windows to ensure they’re locked up.

If your house is locked tight, especially any sliding doors or french doors, a potential burglar may once again be deterred by the increased effort – and therefore risk – of the crime.


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