Home Security Trends We’re Likely to See in 2017


Smart technology has changed the way we look at home security. Smart tech and home automation will continue to play bigger and bigger roles for safe homes in 2017 and beyond. Here’s what look to be the hottest home security trends coming in 2017.


  1. Home automation will rise in popularity.

Smart home technology has been around for quite a while, but 2017 is the year we predict it will really begin to hit the mainstream.

Imagine hearing the doorbell and checking a camera to see who’s at the door. What if you could let trusted friends into your home with a swipe on your smartphone app, unlocking your front door from across town? Set your thermostat to the perfect temperature on your evening commute. With home automation, these things are possible. We expect mainstream adoption to be at the top of the home security trends in 2017 list.

  1. More homeowners will get all-inclusive home security packages.

Right now, many families have maybe one or two pieces of smart home tech. In 2017, we expect those households to add even more to their home security. As families realize their investments are paying off, they’ll add more.

Right now smart homes focus on four major points — security, temperature, lighting and safety. In 2017, look for complete home security solutions. Families will combine technology — cameras, garage door controls and smart locks — with lighting automation and other safety measures for more security than ever.


  1. Smart home technology will be for everyone.

At its inception, smart home technology was popular among the young, educated and affluent, but that’s slowly been changing.

We’ll see smart home security systems installed in homes of all kinds. Families are beginning to realize what manufacturers of smart tech have known all along: Smart home security is an investment, not a cost, and it’s becoming an affordable one at that.

Our outlook for 2017 is that the coming year will see the continued mainstream adoption of comprehensive home security systems.


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