Home Security Trends in 2016

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Home security started as mechanical contraptions we install in our homes like locks and deadbolts to protect our home from trespassers. But as home security threats kept on evolving, so did every homeowner’s need to level up on home security systems. And as we move along to the digital era, we see the shift from these simple mechanisms to a more sophisticated system like automation and remote monitoring, among others.

Last year, home security trends are all about video surveillance, integration, and remote monitoring. In 2016, we will continue to see home security trends focusing on convenience and efficiency as homeowners choose smarter systems that are easier to install and monitor.  

Blackfort Home lists five home security trends that we will see throughout 2016.

DIY Home Security. This home security trend is ideal for homeowners who can’t be bothered with signing year-long service contracts with security companies. You simply buy a home security kit that matches your requirements, like Blackfort Home, then install, maintain and monitor the whole system yourseld. This is best for homeowners with technical understanding of the equipment involved in the home security system.

Wireless Home Security. In 2016, security systems will continue to break away from the wires. Wireless security system connects its various components through the internet. Homeowners start to prefer this because it erases the possibility of a thief paralyzing the system simply by cutting the cord that connects each equipment. This comes with it’s own disadvantage though, such as  a thief jamming the connection, effectively rendering the system useless. Ultimately, it is the homeowner’s decision if it works better for his/her properties.  

Remote Monitoring. This trend still continues this  2016 as more people  now prefer accessing video feeds from home while they are on the go. Remote security features are especially useful to homeowners who are frequently away from home.

Smart Home. Everything will continue to get smarter this year, from smartphones and tablets, to smart cars and home security systems. The idea is an all-in-one system that automates and controls equipment like thermostat, lights, and home security with a single tap  on a smartphone.    

Stronger Cybersecurity. As home security systems depend more and more on the internet and wireless connectivity every passing year, the need for cybersecurity becomes even more crucial than ever. Cybersecurity applies a collection of device, processes, and practices that protects the network from unauthorized access so that the security system and all those connected to it can function effectively.

Looking into the home security trends for 2016, the common denominator is the use of internet connectivity to deliver convenient and more efficient functions to homeowners. This trend is expected to continue for the years to come.

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