Home Security Systems in a Condo


Whether you are living in a condo or an apartment complex, you may still want to consider getting a home security system.

You may be wondering why, since practically all condos and apartments have security in one form or another, whether it be concierges, security guards, or video security systems. The truth is, protecting yourself and your family with a home alarm system is never a bad idea. Here’s why:

1) Protection From The Unknown

Even though your condo or apartment may have its own security, these more than likely cannot supervise and secure your space at all times and they definitely can’t monitor the inside of your unit. There can be ways people can get past the guards stationed at the lobby. The extra line of defense and protection a home alarm system provides can make all the difference. With a security alarm system in place, you get that all important peace of mind.

2) Protection From The Known

Your condo or apartment more than likely has its own maintenance workers. Chances are, they also have keys to your unit and can theoretically enter your unit without your knowledge. Household help and/or yayas for the kids are also in the house for extended hours while you are away. While we would all love to believe and trust that your building’s maintenance and household help have your best interests in mind, getting a home alarm system can help you rest a whole lot easier.

3) Wireless Options

Now, some condos and apartments may take issue with renters installing home alarm systems, what with all the drilling and wiring involved. But the good news is that wireless options now exist, and they’re great! They work just as well as hardwired systems without leave any traces of installation. And another advantage is that, in the event you decide to move, you can easily take it with you. In fact, it’s almost hard to justify not having one. Alarm systems provide an unmatched value as a deterrent. They let you know when someone is inside your home while you’re away, or even when you’re at home. Wireless systems are often wholly affordable too, especially when you think about the peace of mind you feel above and beyond the protection they provide.

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