Home Security System 101

Crack in glass. Broken glass close up.

A home security system usually refers to a set of interconnected devices designed to keep your home safe. Sensors are normally placed on entry points like the doors and windows and these trigger an alarm in the presence of an intruder. CCTV cameras, an essential component of security systems, are usually placed in strategic areas that can monitor the whole indoor and outdoor area of your property.

What are the basic home security system components?

The following are some of the devices present in a home security system. These devices work together to provide homeowners added security from crimes and accidents that can happen at home.  

CCTV. CCTV cameras monitor your property 24/7 to discourage intruders from trespassing. They are also handy in monitoring would-be hiding places for burglars. CCTV cameras can also provide video footages for evidence when needed.

Door Sensors. Immediately sounds an alarm when the door is opened without disarming the device, immediately alerting family members of the presence of intruders inside.  

Motion Detectors. Sounds the alarm when any motion or movement is detected in an area. When partnered with the CCTV, it strengthens the security of the property against intruders.   

Smoke Alarm. Smoke alarms alert you when a substantive amount of smoke is detected, warning you to take action in the event of a fire. Some home security systems can even trigger fire sprinklers automatically.

Remote controls. Can arm or disarm home security devices with just the press of a button.

Base Station. Serves as the brain of the entire home security system. It connects the home security devices together..

The devices mentioned are just the basics of a home security system. If you’re looking for a good home security kit, you might want to choose a wireless home security system with backup batteries and GSM connectivity in case of power interruptions or internet failure. This way, your home is made even more secure and you get even better peace of mind.