Facebook Scams You Really Need to Watch Out For


The bigger and more popular a site is, the more tempting it is for hackers and scammers to try and squeeze that site for everything they can. Facebook alone has about 1.4 billion users making it a wonderland of potential for hackers and scammers alike. This leads to people getting harassed all the time, which could probably have all been easily avoided if only these people used their heads. Here are some things to steer clear of to avoid all that noise:

Viral Videos/ Scandals

Ok, granted these may be tough to resist. Just the word “viral” in there probably means tons of people have seen it so naturally, you want in. Throw the word “scandal” in there and this is like fishing with dynamite for scammers, just unfair.

The odds of this clickbait being clicked on goes through the roof. Whether they admit it or not, who doesn’t want to see a scandal, especially celebrity ones. But before you fall for this, maybe try practicing a bit of restraint. If there really is a scandal, you’ll no doubt hear about it through other sources, too, so just relax and try not to get too overexcited and click on it immediately because chances are, you’re about to be put in a vulnerable position if you do.

Free Giveaways/Survey Scams

Sadly, very little is free in this world. And most of the things that are happen to be abstract concepts like love and respect. So if you have any respect for yourself, please don’t think you were somehow able to win a contest that gives away free trips or whatever, especially if you don’t remember entering any contest to begin with.

Tons of survey scams are out there, too. Here’s a general rule of thumb to stick with when it comes to these: No real survey will ask for personal information from you. Things concerning you with numbers in them especially; credit card numbers, social security numbers, even phone numbers, you get it, right? So the next time you see one of these pop up, try to resist daydreaming about whatever great prize they say awaits upon completing the survey and just close the window.

Facebook Customization

If any link on your home page claims to give you the ability to change the layout, color or give you a special “Dislike Button” or any other special functionality, then it is probably another Facebook scam. Look, you can’t just change the official interface of the world’s biggest social media website by clicking a few buttons, sorry to say. If Facebook were to some day want to give you customization features, know that they’ll probably make some grand announcement about it and not through some obscure hidden link.

Celebrity Friend Requests/Charity

This might not happen as frequently as some others but when someone falls for this Facebook scam, the fall pretty hard. You come across a friend request of a celebrity (gasp) or from so-called official page. Then they will ask you to donate some money for the poor or the disaster struck people. Please try not to forget that celebrities don’t just “friend” random people, no matter how much you want it to be true. And they especially don’t ask for some donations. Either they will ask your credentials (asking for some numerical information, yet again) or directly telling you to donate through online payment services. Never trust such messages to stay safe on Facebook.

Who Viewed My Profile?

This is the biggest and most pervasive Facebook scam ever. Facebook has made it abundantly clear that there is no way any app can tell who has visited your profile and how many times. Any link or app that claims to do so is a scam. In these scams, you will have to fill in your information (see, more information requests!) and accept their terms and conditions. This scam unfairly plays with the emotions of the users as most of us, of course, want to know if their secret crush or an ex-partner visited them online. Kind of makes you wonder whether scammers employ their own in-house psychologists.


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