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How to Childproof Your Home | Blackfort Home DIY Security Kit Safety is always a priority, more so when you have small children running around the house. Good thing it’s now actually possible to “childproof” your home–which entails making your home environment safer for kids, with the help of some devices and taking some extra precautionary measures.

What makes a place dangerous for children?

You might not realize it, but even toys interspersed across the room pose a danger to  your children. Take a better look around your home and see if the following hazards are present.
  1. The toys are not stored properly after playing with them.
  2. Breakable furniture, kitchen knives, and other sharp objects are within easy reach of children.
  3. Glass tables and windows are left unprotected.
  4. Children can easily go to the kitchen, as well as open the oven and other appliances.
  5. The bathroom floor or tub is always wet, making it slippery.
If even one of the items above are present at home, then it’s time to start childproofing your place.

The general rule of childproofing is that anything that can cause harm to your child should be out of reach or locked away. It sounds easy enough, but identifying and taking actions about each hazard takes a lot of thought and time.

Blackfort Home gives you these childproofing guidelines for you to start with:

  • Flat screen TVs and photo frames should be mounted securely to the walls.
  • Don’t let your kids play with fire. Scented candles, matches, and lighters should be kept out of their reach.
  • Children are naturally curious and will touch anything they see. So hide the electrical cords of all your appliances.
  • Install baby safety gates on places you don’t want your little kids to go to.
  • Teach your children to keep safe and be organized at the same time. Store all their toys in one place like a laundry basket and instruct your kids to place it back there after play.
  • Sharp objects are dangerous, especially in the hands of children. So lock away your cutlery or store it in a place where they can’t be easily reached by your kids.
  • Always pull the plug of any appliances when not in use.
  • Prevent accidents by putting non-slip mats in the bathroom.
  • Mark your household chemicals with toxic stickers so that your kids will know right away that these liquids are poisonous.
  • Keep your children from bumping into sharp edges. Place corner and edge protectors in every furniture with edges.
  • Don’t let your children play with toiletries, medicines, and cosmetics because they are poisonous when ingested. Store these in places where they can’t be reached.
Congratulations! Your home is now officially childproof! Now it’s time to step up the security of your house by installing a DIY security system like Blackfort Home.  

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