Child Safety Tips


As a parent it’s understandable for you to want to always be by your kid’s side. But the reality is that this is simply not possible. Your kid will eventually have to venture places without you. But before they get to that point, it’s important for you to prepare them with basic safety reminders in the event of an emergency. Here are 5 helpful tips they should commit to heart.

Know Your Name, Number And Address

Though your child may be young, it’s still important to teach them to remember basic contact details like your name and contact number. In an emergency situation, your kid must be able to share your contact number with someone if they need to.

Additionally, knowing where home is as well as any nearby landmark could also be very helpful. It’s advisable to train your kid to commit these things to memory while you’re at home with them. It would also very helpful to have your kid memorize a backup contact number like a relative or at least someone you trust.

If You Get Lost, Stay Where You Are

In the unfortunate event that your kid does somehow get lost, you need to prepare them be telling them it is important they stay right where they are. Tell them that if they happen to see any other mom with kids nearby, they can ask her for help.

If your kid is inside an establishment they should stay inside, maybe even with the other mom. One of the most common places where kids get lost are supermarkets. Tell your kid another option is that they can approach the counter of the store and inform the person they are lost.


Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger

Something of upmost importance that your kid should know is that no matter what the reasoning, it is not safe for them to go anywhere with a stranger. Warn your kid that if someone they don’t know comes up to them and says something along the lines of ‘Your mom asked me to come pick you up,’ they should stay where they are and shout out for help.

Tell your kid that you will not tell someone else to collect the for you, and that you will come get them yourself. Or in just in case you can’t, tell them to remember you will always send a family member, or at least someone they know, to come get them. Your kid should know that you will never send a stranger.

Do Not Eat Anything Given By A Stranger

Another thing you need to teach your kid about is the dangers of eating food that is given by a stranger. They need to know that no matter how tempting the treat is, your kid should not eat it if it comes from a stranger.  

Your kid must learn that it is dangerous to accept food from people they don’t know. You can teach your kid to refuse in a polite manner just in case someone is offers them food without your permission or maybe even in your absence.

Do Not Share Address And Phone Details With Anyone (With Emergency Situations Being The Only Exception)

Your kid should learn early on that it is unsafe to share personal details like phone numbers, address, or even pictures with strangers. Any information that they share with people they don’t know should only be done with your consent or, better yet, in your presence.


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